The Strangest Laws Around the World

If you have ever been travelling around the world, then you may have found that each country has some bizarre etiquette, culture and even laws. What is deemed as rude in one place is actually polite in another, and what is commonplace back home may be against the law abroad. There are some extremely strange laws around the world, here are just a few of them.


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United States of America

Some states in America have some rather bizarre laws, which have been around for centuries. Even though they may seem completely outdated, most of these are still enforced around the U.S. Here are some of the best:

  • Miami – It’s illegal to imitate an animal in Miami, so keep those farmyard noises and gorilla costumes to yourself...

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A Guide To Combating Hair Loss


Up to 10 million people in the UK suffer from hair loss. For those afflicted with pattern hair loss, the symptoms can be particularly distressing. While the health implications may not be great and may not cause physical pain, the psychological impact caused by the loss of one’s hair can be damaging. Many of those who suffer from hair loss often lose their confidence and often feel that they lose their identity. Largely, these symptoms can cause many to feel depressed. For those of you that suffer from hair loss, do not despair. This guide may be able to help you should you feel that losing your hair is impeding on your psychological health and can help you feel confident again.

Pattern Hair Loss: The Theories and the Truth

There are few causes to why people lose their hair and naturally...

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Top Tips for Caring For Your Leather Accessories


Leather is everywhere in this day and age as it’s a quality, durable material. However, many people neglect to research how to care for their precious leather! Leather should be looked after in order to make it last as long as possible, especially if it’s a real investment piece like a leather bag or jacket. Here are some top tips to help you care for your own leather accessories:

Wet Leather

If your leather gets too wet, it’s important that you dry it slowly. If you try to dry the leather too quickly, then you end up changing it’s chemical structure. This can only mean awful results – crinkly, stiff leather accessories! Keeping your leather at room temperature with gentle air works much better than blasting it on high with your hairdryer...

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Some of the best things to do in Paris

For many, Paris is the romance capital of the world, ideal for couples that are very much in love. However Paris has so much more to offer, especially to families and other travellers who want a dose of history, culture and some amazing food and drinks.

 Here is a collection of the finest things to do in Paris:

 Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

Baron Haussmann and Jean-Charles Alphand created, and specifically engineered, one of the most romantic parks in Europe. The park, established in the 1860s, is a beautiful retreat, enchanting visitors with its lakes, streams, bridges, waterfalls and giant trees, there is even a cave. The park is intriguing in many ways, the cave has fake stalactites and you will even find palm trees in the park...

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High-Tech Toys and Gadgets Every Child Wants

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Children today have wonderful opportunities to look forward to thanks mainly to modern technology. The world appears different to those young minds than the way we perceived it when we were young. The other side of the world, for example, seemed inaccessible and somehow mysterious to us only a couple of decades ago. Now, communication is instant, and life moves along at an incredible place. Children undergo training for this exciting life by playing with modern toys and gadgets that were in within the realm of science fiction not long ago.

Let’s take a look here, at some items that your child is guaranteed to want at some stage in their development.

Video Games Console

It is incredible to watch the lightning fast reactions of a young child as they swiftly master the latest game on their ...

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Popular Gadgets To Improve Your Child’s Mathematical Skills


I don’t know about you, but maths has always been quite an interesting subject to learn at school. At times, I did find my maths lessons boring, but I think that was probably due to some of the other kids ‘playing up’ in the classroom and making some of my maths lessons less than interesting.

Back in the age of dinosaurs when I was at school and learning about the weird and wonderful world of maths, I had to do everything on paper. The only computers in my school were old BBC Micros and the odd Acorn Archimedes here and there, although, at high school, I remember the ‘computer room’ took delivery of a shiny Intel Pentium 75 computer manufactured by the now-defunct AST Research company.

Fast-forward to 2014, and children of all ages are using smartphones and tablets, and typically...

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4 Amazingly Simple DIY Tips For New Homeowners


It can be very stressful when you first move into a new property, especially when it comes to getting DIY jobs completed. It can be tempting to give in and call the experts, but this could cost a pretty penny, and so you want to avoid it wherever possible. Most of the small jobs around your new house can be completed in no time whatsoever by yourselves, it just comes down to your own knowledge and skill base. With that in mind, you might like to take a quick read through the tips I’ve included in this post, and hopefully then you’ll come away with a much better understanding of how to save yourself a few dollars.

Contrary to popular belief, you really don’t need any professional help or official knowhow to complete most jobs at home...

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