Getting Ready for a Photoshoot: 10 Top Tips

You may have a photo shoot booked for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’re dreaming of becoming a model, or maybe the shoot was just a gift from a loved one. Whatever the shoot is for, you need to make sure you prepare properly. These top 10 tips will make sure you look your best and can have a stress free day…

1. Have Your Makeup and Hair Done Professionally

If you’re not confident when it comes to hair and makeup, have it done professionally. A professional will do your hair and makeup so that it translates well on camera and looks good in your shots. Sometimes, even if your makeup looks good in your mirror at home, it may not look good on camera.

2. Whiten Your Teeth

White teeth are a must, so have them professionally done or buy a home whitening kit. Lay off the tea and coffee too.

3. Take a Selection of Your Best Outfits

Pick out the outfits that you feel bring out the best in you and take them with you. Make sure they are lint free and freshly pressed.

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4. Eat Well and Exercise

This isn’t something you should start doing the week, or even the day before. You should do it as far in advance as you can to really see the benefits. Eat healthy, balanced meals, drink lots of water, and exercise 3 times per week. You could swim, walk, cycle; anything that gets you moving.

5. Look After Your Skin

The best base you can have for your makeup is clear skin. This is especially true if you’re having the shoot to add Los Angeles headshots to your portfolio. Make sure you have a great skincare regime in the weeks and months leading up to the shoot for it to take effect. If you plan on having a facial or anything, make sure you do this the week before your shoot.

6. Give Yourself a Manicure and Pedicure

You may not see your nails that much, but a manicure and pedicure will be a nice addition to everything else. Make sure your nails are shaped nicely and clean at least. You could just buff them if you don’t want to wear polish.

7. Use Clip Ins for Volume

If you feel like your hair lacks volume, you can use clip ins. I wouldn’t get semi permanent extensions especially for this reason, as it can be hard to hide the joins.

8. Consider Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions

These single eyelash extensions can give you natural looking length and thickness, helping to open up the eyes.

9. Make Sure You Eat a Little Before Your Shoot

Eat an hour or two before your shoot so you’ll feel more focused and have more energy to experiment.

10. Bring Tools for Touch Ups

Don’t forget your makeup and a hairbrush so you can touch up in between takes!

Use these top 10 tips and you’ll look amazing on the day of your shoot. Do you have any tips to add? Leave a comment!


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