Great Small Business Ideas

We’ve all dreamed about leaving behind out dull office job for something that better reflects our personalities. Everyone has that secret business idea that they’re been nursing for years, in the hope that one day they will have the opportunity to make it real. Staring out of the rainy office window we’ve all thought how fulfilling it would be to be our own boss.

A small business is a great way to start out on your own. You can grow it from your own passions, making sure that you’ll be motivated to get the operation off the ground. You can also begin on a very small scale, making sure that you’re covering your expenses before you commit to it full-time.

Such a business also allows you to grow as a person. You will get the opportunity to be your own boss, setting your own priorities and generating your own strategies. This can be very stressful, but it is also highly rewarding. It can also change your lifestyle in a very big way. You can choose your own hours and dictate your work style.

To help you with your initial ideas we’ve thought up a few great small business ideas. These are viable and established models for success that you’re sure to find interesting.


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Many people fantasise about starting their own small bakery. Shoppers are willing to pay that little bit more for a bit of personality, so smaller artisan bakeries are becoming more and more popular. You can capitalise on your dream by undertaking some market research in this area. Coffee’s a big money-spinner and would draw a lot of customers into your shop, so why not combine it with a cafe?

The equipment needed to start a bakery can be expensive. You’ll need stuff like White Mountain Process Mixing Tanks to start producing on a more industrial scale. You’ll also need quality ovens and counters. But you don’t have to make this leap straight away. You can spend a lot of time researching and trying out recipes in your own home. That way, when the opportunity presents itself you’ll be ready with a great product.


Catering can be a fantastic small business. You can often pick and choose your jobs, working just a few days a week. It’s normally up to you to cultivate a good reputation, but once you do, you can become very popular. For smaller jobs you probably already have all of the necessary equipment. However as you progress you will no doubt want to invest in some more appropriate kitchenware.

Vintage Clothing

This is another business that will thrive on reputation and personality. Stock can be picked up at charity shops and car boot sales as well as online. The mark-up is usually fairly high on items in this area, so you can be sure to profit well from your hard work. With many stores now based entirely online, you could go down this route or open a more traditional store. Many small businesses combine the two in order to increase their revenue.

It can also be an incredibly fun venture. After all, who doesn’t like dressing up?

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