Stupid Things You Should Never Do When You’re Renting A Home

When you’re renting a property, you need to ensure that you follow certain rules. People tend to have little respect for property when they rent it, because they don’t own it. That means that people don’t worry too much if something goes wrong with the property because they can move out if they need to. When you rent a home, it is important to understand that you are borrowing someone’s property. You should treat the home with the same respect you would a house that you own. Here are some stupid things you should never do when you rent property.

Get a pet without asking

Everybody likes pets. The idea of getting a cat or a dog might sound attractive, but do you have permission? The main issue with animals is that they tend to bite things. Landlords worry about pets biting through cables or ruining couches. That means that many landlords won’t let you have a pet in your home. Before you get an animal, you should look at your letting regulations and see whether it says anything about animals. If you can’t find any information, contact your landlord and talk to him or her about the idea.

Let people stay for an extended period

When you rent a place, you don’t have much control over who stays there. You can’t let your friends stay for an extended period without telling your landlord. If you let your friends stay and don’t tell your landlord, you could break the terms of your tenancy agreement. That means that your landlord could throw you out of the property. Having friends over for the weekend should be no problem. If that weekend turns into three months, though, your landlord will not be happy.

Make home improvements

There may be certain home improvements that you want to make to the property, but remember it’s not your house. You might think that you’re doing something nice for your landlord when you change things in your home, but you should ask first. Making changes to your home is not in the terms of your contract. That means that you could get in a lot of trouble for making home repairs. Talk to your landlord before you start doing anything in your home. Getting permission will save you loads of hassle in the long run.


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Fail to get insurance

When you move into a new property, you need to make sure that you get insurance. Your landlord will likely have a comprehensive insurance policy, but it might not cover everything you need. You should make sure that you have home insurance for the property. Don’t worry about getting structural insurance, as that is not your problem. Instead, make sure that you get contents insurance for your home. With contents insurance, you can ensure that all your valuable items in the home are safe. That means that if you break something in your home, the insurance will pay to replace it.

Fail to pay rent on time

The worst thing you can do when you rent a property is fail to pay your rent on time. When you move into a rented home, you are responsible for paying rent on a monthly or weekly basis. Your landlord is not your friend. He or she doesn’t care if you can’t afford to pay rent. When you move into the home, you enter into a contract with your landlord. If you fail to pay your landlord rent on time, he or she can take legal action against you. That means that you could end up with a huge fine because of your rent situation.

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